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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What is AccelPro?

AccelPro offers a peer community where you can share advice and stay informed on critical topics. The platform’s expert interviews and coaching accelerate your professional development. Our mission is to improve your everyday job performance and make your career goals achievable.

How do I join AccelPro?

Sign up now for free with just an email. You’ll receive free expert content, invitations to events, and the option to pay for a full membership, which is often and expense covered by employers.

What is the difference between free and paid memberships?

Free members can listen to (or read) some expert interviews and some invitations to events. Paid members can listen to (or read) new expert interviews every week and receive invitations to all events, including live interviews and professionally moderated peer-to-peer sessions.

What are the membership requirements to join the AccelPro Employment Law Forum?

Members of the AccelPro Employment Law Forum work in the field of Employment Law. The community includes lawyers at firms, in-house lawyers, human resources professionals, academics, regulators, students, and more. There are no academic or work requirements apart from an interest in the field and willingness to contribute to the forum.

What topics and areas of employment law are discussed in the forums?

By connecting with our group of experienced employment law professionals, you will gain access to in-depth discussions on topics including worker classification, unions, discrimination, DEI, and career development.

As a new lawyer, will I be able to gain practical knowledge about employment law by participating in AccelPro's forums?

Yes. AccelPro Employment Law features seasoned professionals and industry experts sharing informed perspectives and best practice topics, from career development to union negotiations and when to bring in an outside investigator.